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    Revelation Series is a new and fresh approach to understanding the wonderful mysteries of the final book of the Bible - Revelation. Most people find the book of Revelation confusing in its use of symbols and imagery. Through this series we demonstrate that Revelation is in fact about hope, meaning and purpose for a world headed for despair. The series includes 24 sessions. Chapter by chapter through the book of Revelation, your journey of discovery will enlighten and enthuse you.

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    Welcome to Armageddon Headquarters 
    The Gospel From Patmos
    Everyday Insights For Living
    From The Last Book Of The Bible

    ICR equips believers with evidence of the Bible's accuracy and authority

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    Want to learn more about the Bible? Use these Bible Studies for personal devotion, group Bible studies, or teaching a church class.



    Chaque semaine une nouvelle étude de la Bible

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    Connecting With Jesus Project   The General Conference and the Ellen G. White Estate have launched the largest global book distribution project in the history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Using the world's major languages, the project aims to distribute 10 books by Ellen G. White, complete with companion study guides, to over two million Adventists worldwide. The church needs your help to make this project a reality. To find out more about the Connecting With Jesus Project or to donate, visit the CWJ Web site.

    DISCOVER videos: a VOP ( Voice of Prophecy) presentation made available by EMMANUEL FRENCH SDA CHURCH:

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    1. You Can Believe in God -- Watch the Video

    2. We Can Believe the Bible -- Watch the Video

    3. Does My Life Really Matter to God? -- Watch the Video

    4. A Plan for Your Life -- Watch the Video

    5. Bridge to a Satisfying Life -- Watch the Video

    6. A Second Chance at Life -- Watch the Video

    7. About Your Future -- Watch the Video

    8. When Jesus Comes for You -- Watch the Video

    9. Your Home in Heaven -- Watch the Video

    10. How Soon Will Jesus Return? -- Watch the Video

    11. Mysterious Power in My Life -- Watch the Video

    12. An Ever-Present Savior -- Watch the Video

    13. From Guilty Sinner to Forgiven Saint -- Watch the Video

    14. The Secret of Answered Prayer -- Watch the Video

    15. The Secret of Happiness -- Watch the Video

    16. The Secret of Heavenly Rest -- Watch the Video

    17. The Secret of Growing Through Sharing -- Watch the Video

    18. The Secret of Heavenly Life Style -- Watch the Video

    19. Entering the Christian Life -- Watch the Video

    20. The Secret of Growth Through Fellowship -- Watch the Video

    21. Can the Majority Be Wrong? -- Watch the Video

    22. Is God Fair? -- Watch the Video

    23. What and Where Is Hell? -- Watch the Video

    24. When a Person Dies...What Then? -- Watch the Video

    25. Can I Find God's Church Today? -- Watch the Video

    26. Does God Have a Special Message for Our Day? -- Watch the Video


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